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When you are planning a romance of any kind, choosing the right music is essential. Because there are so many different types of music and people have different tastes, personal choices about what romantic music is can vary. However, there are definitely a few favorites that everyone can agree on. Here are some choices to consider when choosing romantic music.

From him to her

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1. You’re so nice: Joe Cocker

This song is a favorite among those who continue to love it. The lyrics are beautiful and it really describes his love for his life. Joe’s heartfelt cry makes this one of the best love songs of all time.

2. When a man loves a woman: Percy Sledge

Spiritual Serenade from Percy Sledge describes how every man in love looks at the object of his affection. What is this woman who doesn’t want to dedicate this song to her?

3. Have I recently told you: Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart’s smooth tunes are perfect for telling her that you love her. While Rod sings this ballet in the background, an insoluble woman is not alive when you look into her eyes and tell her how you feel.

4. Your Love Is Not Enough: Barry White

There is nothing more romantic than Barry White’s calm bass. He is often called the velvet honeysuckle, and Barry White delivers on every occasion when it comes to creating a romantic atmosphere.

5. Always and Forever: Luther Vaudois, Heatwave

Whether you listen to HeatWave classics or just one of the latest remakes, Forever has been at the forefront of top love songs ever and ever. It’s perfect for weddings or when you want to tell your woman who your love is eternal.

From her to him

1. Because You Love Me: Celine Dion

Selene seems to be the epitome of love. There is no better choice than singing words that express how you feel about your man.

2. Endless Love Mary Carey, Luther Vandross, Lionel Ritchie, Diana Ross

Both versions are incredibly awesome. The lyrics are perfect for expressing your unwavering love for your partner.

3. Here we are Gloria Estefan

This is one of the best songs to play when women want to know that their husband wants a close relationship.

4. You light up my life Debbie Boone

U Light Up Life is one of those songs that says it all. When you want to tell your man how to play this song in the background.

5. When I Fall In Love Celine Dion and Clive Griffin

What better song to express the true feeling of love, respect and commitment throughout your life?

Whether it’s dinner for two, a quiet evening at the fire station, or if you just want to say I love you, using these songs can guarantee that your romantic evening will be complete. So light the candles, pick your song and start dating.

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